My Trippy Tattoo Experience

My gaze absently took in the beginning of mayhem on the other side of the large glass paned wall. It was the day before the official start of Songkran, the largest water festival… Continue reading


Fearless The tree does not fear reaching for the sky.  It knows how to stay true to its roots. The leaf does not fear falling from the tree.  It separates with grace to… Continue reading

A Warrior’s Attitude of Musical Gratitude

What is the first thing that you do every day upon waking? Take a shower, check your email, mentally complain about your alarm seeming to go off earlier and earlier each day? Bittu… Continue reading

Lose Yourself to Dance: The India Yoga Festival

This year something profound happened to me at the India Yoga Festival. It wasn’t one of those “Aha!” moments of sudden revelation. Rather it was a subtle rising within my consciousness, a reaction… Continue reading

Back to the Future: Another ‘Winter’ in Goa

I spent the months of August until December catching up with friends and family back home in the USA. Now that the winter chill and snow have set in, it is time for… Continue reading

San Andres Island and Saying So Long For Now

I had time for one last stop in Colombia, and outside of the US for that matter. The choice was clear, as clear as the multi-hued waters of San Andres island. Located off… Continue reading

The Girl with the Feather in Her Hair

My journey outside of the US will come to an end in two days.  In reflecting back on what have been the most memorable, most powerful moments in my journey there are a… Continue reading

Medellín: More than Drug Cartels

There exists a great amount of diversity amongst the Colombian cities of Bogota, Cartagena, and Medellín.  Amongst the mountains of Bogota a jacket is necessary to fend off the winter chill.  The balmy… Continue reading

Human Beings Having a Virtual Experience

¨We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.¨ – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin This credo by the French philosopher Pierre Chardin is something that… Continue reading

Gold, Tayrona Park, Salsa, and Playing with Explosives

I came to Colombia on the recommendation of pretty much everyone I met further south in South America.  Whenever the topic of people’s favorite countries came up, Colombia was always raved about.  There… Continue reading