Marrakesh & Fez: No Hassle-Free Guarantee

‘Salam!’ This traditional Arabic greeting literally means ‘peace’. Its more formal version ‘Salam Alaikum‘ means ‘peace to you’. I love this greeting and how similar it is to the Jewish greeting of Shalom.… Continue reading

Chefchaouen: Fifty Shades of Blue

14 km. Not a long distance when considering traveling around the world. Yet the differences between life in Tarifa, Spain and Tangier, Morocco (which are 14km apart) is astounding. From the coastline of… Continue reading

Fiery Flamenco & Seville Sightseeing

Seville is the largest of the Andalusian cities so I had expectations for the city to be filled with rich culture and history.  I certainly wasn´t disappointed.  The city was en fuego, both from… Continue reading

Granada, Córdoba, Valencia and Lots of Tapas

There is no such thing as a free lunch. This statement was often said in economics class to describe the idea that while you may not have to pay for something, it still… Continue reading

Biking Challenges & Guardian Angels

Europe by bike isn’t always easy riding.  (Or easy flying.  It’s quite a hassle to disassemble your bike and for it snugly into a box at the airport.). It’s made considerably harder when… Continue reading

¡Hola Barcelona!

Barcelona is an extremely fun city and it happened to be filled with some of my favorite people!  Not only was a bunch of the crew from the French Acro Convention and BeWater Gatherings… Continue reading

Flipping Out At The French Acrobatics Convention

“Upside down…boy you turn me inside out, and round…and round…upside down” I don’t think Diana Ross was referring to acrobatics when she wrote the song Upside Down. (Which happens to be one of… Continue reading

Mama Mia That’s Some Good Pizza

If I were a ninja turtle I’d be Michelangelo. Because…pizza dude!!! (And I wear orange so often people have started assuming I’m Dutch. It’s my favorite color.) I’m no pizza snob, throw me… Continue reading

Roaming ‘Round Rome

Ecce Romani! Look, the Romans! This was the name of my Latin textbook way back in 9th grade. So my first thought biking into the ancient city from the not so nearby airport… Continue reading

Florence, Venice, & Way Too Much Gelato

Florence and Venice are two very different cities both teeming with culture and uniqueness. Florence has one main river and those famous Tuscan hills while Venice is surrounded (and sometimes submerged) by waterways… Continue reading