The White Wonder

The Taj Mahal.  The reason tourists like ourselves pour into Agra.  Hiring a rickshaw driver named Shaquille for the day, we headed first to an ancient fort, situated across theTaj Mahal by the… Continue reading

A Tale of Two Trains

The Indian train is one of the cheapest and best/worst ways to travel across India.  Each train ride is a different experience, especially depending on what class of car you’re in, making it… Continue reading

Rockin’ Like the Flintstones

After the fondest of farewells to our friends and our home over the past month, we hopped on the back of Nikky and Deepak’s bikes to head to the bus station.  Armed with… Continue reading

Madwa and Chytmaya: Yoga Instructors

Bittersweet. That’s the feeling as I write my last blog post from Agonda Beach. This is the culmination of what has undoubtedly been one of the best months of our lives. We have… Continue reading

Barnacled Bliss

As the yoga course has progressed, we have been engaging in much more teaching. The past two weekends, there have been 3 courses a weekend offered to the public taught by our fellow… Continue reading

Indian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day came without much fanfare, basically an afterthought with the Americans wishing each other a happy Turkey Day and salivating while describing Thanksgiving dinner to our foreign friends. In lieu of a… Continue reading

New Song – Combination Unlocked

New Song – Combination Unlocked Combination Unlocked – A Graceland and Sak Daddy collaboration. In our free time, Gabe and I have been working on some instrumental tracks.  Check it out and let… Continue reading

Infection the Remix

Unfortunately after two days of antibiotics my left leg had gotten much worse, swelling up to almost double its normal size and turning red and hot to the touch.  So I made my… Continue reading

Diwali Healing

As I sit here typing, my left leg is supported by my travel towel which I have tied around the mosquito netting frame that lines my bed.  Unfortunately, on Tuesday I awoke to… Continue reading

A Khola in Paradise

Nothing is quite as refreshing as a Khola.  I’m not referring to a sugary drink but rather Kola Beach, an adjacent beach to the north of Agonda.  After Saturday’s morning class, we headed… Continue reading