Musings on the Economics of Love

Love is not a game of give and take.  It is not a two way street.  It is certainly not a zero sum game.  It defies logic and our understanding of economics, both social and business oriented. When you give love, are you left feeling depleted?  When you give love, is there a reciprocal that brings your love back to neutral?  Or does giving love bring you back to ‘one’, to that oneness that binds our unique selves to all of existence?

Love can only be given freely.  It can only be received freely.  You cannot force your love upon someone, for there is no force involved in love.  Love has power, more power than we can possibly comprehend.  Force destroys, power creates.  Let your love be empowering and you will find untapped potential within yourself.  There is always potential to love more. In order to give love you must first receive love from within yourself.

Love Is Multi-dimensional But Uni-directional

It may seem that love is like a two-way street, an action requiring a minimum of two people.  Yet love doesn’t require more than one person; yourself.  When you are on the path of love you are moving in the same direction as other people along that same path.  Some of these other people may have their thumbs out, looking to hitch a ride as they have momentarily lost their momentum down this glorious yet challenging path.  We always have the option to pick one another up with our love, giving them a boost in the right direction.  Road trips shared with others are more special, are they not?

That traffic seeming to head the other way, that’s not the street of love.  That’s a street of self-delusion, of claiming something other than love to be love.  Love only leads in one direction, towards peace and unity.  If you’re heading away from peace and unity you’ve received directions to the wrong party.  Love is like an upward spiral, constantly moving towards the light.  We may fall off the spiral or retreat into the shadows, but we can always get directions back to the proper road when we consult our personal inner compass, our heart.  Love is embedded in that double helix of our dna, those miniscule spirals rising up from the base of our feet and extending all the way up to the hairs on our heads.

Love Is (Thankfully) Never Uneconomical

The principles of economics do not apply to matters of love.  Yet love is never uneconomical, that is to say it is never wasteful of resources.  Everyone profits from love, nobody takes a loss.  When you spread your love does it not have to flow through you first?  When you think about truly giving your love does it not seep into every cell of your body?  Shower water with love and its molecules transform into beautiful shapes.  The human body is predominantly made of water.  When you let love flow it literally flows through you.  A tree does not horde the rain drops, it uses the water to grow and create new space, space to receive more water and more love.  Pure love without expecting a return is a renewable resource.  It is completely sustainable.  It is a well that never runs dry.  It is capable of sustaining you and all those you shower with your love, helping them to grow, spiraling upwards like the branches of the tree.

Love is not measured by a rate of return.  It is outside of the realm of profit margins.  Love does not pay a quarterly dividend, it pays a dividend every time you open yourself up to it.  Daily, hourly, with each breath you receive the love of the trees through your breath.  You send your love to the tree with your exhalation and receive the tree’s love on your inhalation.  Thousands of times each day.  Hug a tree and it will hug you back.  Chop down the tree and it will still support you, provide you with shelter or warmth.  All the way until the day it decomposes, changes form, and provides the loving nutrients for new life to form.  The tree never stops offering its love, regardless of outside influences.

Many of us feel that love is absent or insufficient in our lives.  We keep our eyes peeled looking for it to present itself.  Once we find that special someone, then we can begin to love and be fulfilled, right?  How can you give love to someone if you haven’t cultivated self-love first?

Imagine two beggars asking one another for spare change.  First you need the resource before you can give it away.  Yet those beggars can share a smile or a blessing with one another.  Because their love is not tied to fortune they can always create more.  If love was like economics then we would all be bankers, capable of printing our own money.  No limit, no inflation!  But first we would have to take that initial step of building the printing press and then keep supplying it with paper and ink.

Don’t Fear The Power Of Your Love

Love is often viewed as the highest positive emotive state.  All positive emotions like compassion, peace, and joy are rooted in love.  Fear is often viewed as the most powerful negative emotive state.  Negative emotions like jealousy, anger, and doubt are all rooted in fear.  Are you fearful of giving your love away?  Do you fear that you are not worthy of receving love?  Are you walking down that delusional path of fear or are you walking on that path towards peace, unity, and love?

Allow yourself to be vulnerable without fear and you will be empowered!

Why is love so difficult to make sense of?  Why do we need to employ metaphors to attempt to describe love?  Love transcends the realm of logic.  It transcends the principles of socioeconomics.  It transcends me. It transcends you.  Yet in its transcendence it unites us, binds us, fills us all with purpose.  What would happen if we were to overflow with love?  We could create waves that ripple throughout the universe.  Waves of positivity, peace, and joy!  Waves of tolerance, acceptance, and transformation!

Waves can build up to have incredible power.  The biggest waves can arise from previously calm water.  Place a drop of love into yourself.  Let it ripple throughout your body. Maybe one day that tiny ripple will create a powerful wave, coursing through your body, capable of overflowing into the universe.


When our love is like water it flows freely, molding its shape to fill up whatever space it is contained in until it overflows those boundaries.  In today’s increasingly chaotic world with fires of intolerance, violence, and indifference burning strongly we need these waves of love more than ever.  When you see those fires don’t blow hot air or add your own flame to the fire.  Put another drop of self-love and self-acceptance into yourself.

Perhaps that drop will build into a wave, eventually crashing magnificently with someone else’s, showering the world with raindrops of grace.