The Drums of Your Heart

Sometimes when writing I like to follow a thought and see where it flows.  Usually it takes the form of random, semi-coherent thoughts linked in very veiled ways.  On rare occasions it takes the form of a poem.  This is the result of one of those streams of consciousness.


The Drums of Your Heart

The little boys swayed on an old rocking chair

And gazed up at the man without any hair.

‘Grandpa you’re wise, that’s what grandmother says,

Share with us your wisdom before we go to our beds.’

He gave them a smile, one of his best

And looked in their eyes as he tapped on his chest.

‘Think with your heart, that’s a good start

You’ll realize then that we’re never apart.

Notice your fears, look them in the eye

Tell them to go mess with some other guy.

Listen to your gut, don’t just sit on your butt,

Walk with purpose every time that you strut.

To love someone else without loving yourself

Is to put a heavy weight on an unsteady shelf.

Love yourself first, your strengths and your flaws

And then you can cope with any downfalls.

Share your love freely, don’t expect a return

Then there’s no limit to what you can earn.

Fill your plate only with what you can eat

Remember your neighbors when you walk down the street.

Build your foundation, beyond just your nation

An open mind will bring liberation.

Unravel confusion, confront the pollution

Refuse to reside inside the illusion.

Keep your ears open, tango with the breeze,

If you want honey don’t be scared of the bees.

Rise up again, again and again

If you fall nine times then get up for ten!

Live from your heart, not from your head

From the moment you wake up, till you’re warm in your bed.’

The brows of of the boys matched the old man’s

Theirs from confusion, his like worn hands.

‘You have much to learn, but there’s plenty of time

Don’t try to reach the top without enjoying the climb!

Fear not the future, don’t live in the past,

Slow down your breathing if life gets too fast.

The present is a gift, the time is always now,

If you drink the milk then remember the cow.

Go shine with the stars, go swim in the sea,

With your imagination there’s no place you can’t be.

Be a drop in the ocean, be a spark in the flame,

When you look to the heavens remember your name.

You are an animal, be wild not branded,

You always have yourself so you’ll never be stranded.

You aren’t your shoes, your style or clothes

Immerse yourself fully in passionate throes.’

He let out a laugh and threw grandma a wink,

He paused for a moment to let his heart think.

‘Be vulnerable, boys, don’t hide in your shell

To experience heaven you have to risk hell.

Out on the edge the view is complete,

Just test the ground that’s under your feet.

Though my body may leave here, you won’t lose your friend

The circle of life has no beginning or end.

I’ll always be with you and you always with me

Just close your eyes, listen to your heart and you’ll see.’

The boys’ eyes filled with questions, blink after blink

Soon their eyes closed and into their hearts they did sink.

‘Be in sync with the drums of your heart’,

With the words of the wise, they now knew where to start.


Poem about living from the heart, words of wisdom.