A Photo Update Of The Best Season In India Yet

The past few months have been filled with adventure, transformation, and fond memories. Rather than extrapolate on them all, here’s a little photo synopsis of what I’ve been up to.

In February Gabe and I took a trip to Gokarna and stayed on the secluded Om beach, hanging out with new friends around campfires at night, playing frisbee and exploring during the day, and banging on the drum that Gabe bought.  We definitely got Gabe’s money worth out of banging that drum on a daily basis.




In March I lead a thai yoga massage workshop, sharing the techniques and essence of this amazing practice with six students. We gathered for six hours a day for five days to learn and practice. Seeing the looks of concentration on the givers’ faces and the blissed out expressions of serenity on the receivers’ faces during their 1.5 hour massage at the end was as sweet as the strawberry and date carrot cake we had to celebrate.


pjimage (4).jpg


Alex introduced us to the sickest Banyan tree just a stone’s throw away from Paradise Beach. The roots and branches interweave up towards the heavens and the center is naturally hollowed out like a bowl, allowing for some jams at 15 meters. It’s just more fun to sing and play with your feet dangling high above the earth.


pjimage (2).jpg


I joined a group of friends for a 24km white water rafting trip down the sacred Ganga river in Rishikesh. We crossed 14 different rapids and soaked in the scenery as the river carves its way through the mountains. Monkeys and small deer watched us as we drifted past, the freezing water a welcome contrast to the hot sun.




27 hours on the Rajdhani Express train from Goa to Delhi passed by in a flash. Partly because the night before we spent celebrating Holi, watching the sunrise from the beach before heading to the bus station. Partly because it was actually a really nice train with air conditioning and views of the country side. Despite this you can see how excited Cher Bear and I were to arrive in Delhi!




I joined a group of aspiring artists from Europe at an Art Retreat in the jungle (the same one that I modeled for) in some live drawings. Three models posed at the base of a banyan tree under the soft glow of candles in the night as we drew or painted in between sips of red wine.  My drawing is the one with interesting body proportions on the bottom right.


pjimage (1).jpg


I met a special girl Julia and got to enjoy a few amazing weeks with her in Goa and Rishikesh. We had many adventures including the day we went exploring the spice farm and waterfalls and a wild peacock unexpectedly flew out in front of the motorbike. As much as what you do makes memories great, the people you share those experiences with makes them truly special.




Each year Holi Festival is a blast and this year was no different. We had a huge dance party and busted out some moves as colored dye rained down from the sky or got slapped, rubbed, and smudged on our bodies. Tara was in town (from my first yoga course years ago) for the celebrations as well! It’s always great to meet up with old friends and catch up (she’s opened a yoga studio in New Orleans that does vinyasa and vino nights, how sweet is that!).


pjimage (3).jpg


So many sublime moments have occurred the past couple months without being caught on camera. Watching the sunrise from the sea, impromptu dance parties, sacred ceremonies, stimulating conversations and soaking up the soulshine from so many incredible people.