The Past and the Present: Re-engaging the Travel Blog

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to re-engage in recording my travel and life experiences.  It’s been over a year since my last post on this platform (I have been busy establishing another yoga and anatomy based blog MADWA Yoga) and due time to hop back on the writing wagon as I find myself overseas with new stories unfolding.

This winter marks my fourth stint in India.  I remember the beginning of my first trip four years ago like it was yesterday, yet it seems an entire lifetime ago.  I figured I’d give a recap to the major highlights along the journey so far and a guide to my previous stories.  After all, looking back upon where we have come from shows the journey to the present; how we’ve come to be who and where we are today.


2012: I quit my job working with private equity firms at J.P. Morgan in the United States and traveled to India to complete my first yoga teacher training with my best friend Gabe, explored India and took the most challenging train of my life to reach the Taj Mahal.  We then spent three weeks hiking the Annapurna Circuit amongst some of the tallest mountains in the world in the Nepalese Himalayas.

2013: I completed my first training in traditional thai massage in the city of Chiang Mai, got the first of three eventual bamboo tattoos, visited Angkor Wat in Cambodia, bought a motorcycle in Vietnam and rode (and crashed) throughout Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.  Completed a vipassana meditation in the Thai forest, moved to the island of Koh Tao to complete my professional scuba diving training, saw my first whale shark (of three total now!), spent some amazing weeks in Bali, and returned to India to complete my 300 hour teacher training.

2014: I assisted on the trainings of new yoga teachers in India, stopped over in London to visit some friends, crossed the Atlantic to South America, danced the night away in Buenos Aires, observed the economic struggles of Argentina and one of its largest glaciers firsthand, did some amazing trekking in Patagonia, crossed into Chile (and almost lost all my belongings) to trek the Torres del Paine, mountain biked ‘the most dangerous road in the world‘ in Bolivia and completed an epic journey through the mountains and salt flats, explored Macchu Picchu and Lima in Peru, caught a wild anaconda while on a survival course in the Amazon, and caught futbol fever during the World Cup in Colombia.  I returned home to visit family and friends, see two of my best friends get married, and headed back to India.

2015: Helped to set up and started working at Smriti Yoga: teaching asana, alignment, anatomy, and visiting some waterfalls while leading our own yoga teacher trainings in the jungle.  I returned to Thailand to study more advanced thai yoga massage, do some more scuba diving, and then returned home to the USA for the summer.  I attended a few conciousness, yoga, and music festivals, caught up with old friends and made new ones, witnessed the marriage of my two housemates, enjoyed the holidays with family, and ventured back over to India.

2016: This year has started off with our second season of teacher trainings.  I will be in India until mid April and then off to new adventures.  The destinations are unclear (most likely bicycling across Europe), but they will certainly be filled with adventure.

The entire experience has definitely changed me, broadened my worldview, introduced me to the most amazing people, taught me invaluable life lessons, and left me thirsty for more.