A Sense of Wonder in Minca

That sense of wonder that follows us around when we’re kids, where everything is new, interesting, and a bit bigger; it hit me in Minca. Perhaps because everything is a bit bigger in Minca. Bamboo shoots literally shoot into the sky, soaring over 20 meters above the soil, dwarfing me and making me feel like a child once more, like I am in a scene from a Dr. Seuss book.  I can only imagine that this is what panda bears dream of when they go to sleep.

Minca is a small town situated in the mountains overlooking Santa Marta and the Caribbean coast.  The waterfalls of the Marinka Valley and the rock pools of Pozo Azul offer a respite from the midday heat.  The cool water wakes you up just like the tasty coffee from one of the famous organic coffee fincas nearby.  The vibe here definitely has a Caribbean feel.  Everyone is relaxed, enjoying slow paced lazy days and enjoying spectacular views wherever they go.  The best views arrive as the sun departs.  One such sunset inspired some deep thoughts and revelations…

Sunset from the hostel Casa Loma.  Photo courtesy their website www.lalomaminca.com/

Sunset from the hostel Casa Loma. Photo courtesy their website http://www.lalomaminca.com/

As the sun dips below the mountains, leaving a glowing trail of orange in its wake, it hits me.  This is the same sun that friends on the other side of the Earth are watching rise over the ocean.  It is the same sun that is bringing light to half the world right now.  It is the same sun that Einstein, Ceasar, Ghandi looked at.  The same sun that has provided light and life for the history of mankind, and many multiples of time before that.

Yet somehow the sun seems to have different personalities. Some days it is a bit abrasive, overbearing in flaunting its power.  Other days it is shy, hiding behind the clouds.  Some evenings stealthy, disappearing with hardly a trace.  Other evenings making a grand exit, staging a grand finale of color before the curtains close.

And in this moment, as all these thoughts rise as the sun sets, I realize something.  We as humans are all interconnected, all beings relying on the same sun, the same moon, the same earth to survive.  Like the sun we display different personalities, but in our composition we are one and the same.  We all have that source of inner warmth that we can emit, brightening the days of those around us, lighting our own paths.  That inexhaustible source of love.

The most powerful natural force in our daily lives derives from the sun.  The most powerful force in society, in our interpersonal relationships, is love.  Without either we would cease to exist.  You can’t take the sun away or steal it. Sure you can hide it away behind an umbrella or a concrete wall but it’s still there, providing its energy.  You can’t steal love either. Love is something that has to be given freely, it cannot be demanded or bought and sold.  And love is always there inside us, even if we’ve chosen to hide it away, ready to rise each and every day.

As a society we are learning to harness the power of the sun, to use solar energy to fuel everyday life.  As people we can learn to harness that power of our own, our love, and use it to fuel everyday life as well. Imagine a day without the sun.  Imagine a day without love. Both sound dark, cold, and lonely, pretty much the same.  As we progress as a society to use solar power, hopefully we progress as well to become conscious of using the power of our love.  Certainly both will light the path to a better Earth.

I sure do love a great sunset.