You Might Be in India If…

You might be in India if…

Every meal ends with you saying, “Damn, that was delicious!”

Your digestive system disagrees and is liable to explode at any given moment.

Everyone you pass on the street gives you a hearty wave.

Everyone you pass on the street tries to sell you everything except their first born child.

You spend every night watching an incredible sunset disappear beneath the sea.

You wake up on the beach to find a huge cow lying next to you.

There is a woman taking a dump in the middle of the street.

There are hundreds of cows following the woman’s lead.

You see an entire family of six cruise by on a single two-seater scooter.

You can rent a motorbike with no license, passport, helmet, or previous driving experience.

Every restaurant has a menu like a novella.

Every restaurant will make whatever you ask for, regardless if included in the menu.

You’ve developed a sugar addiction and don’t feel bad putting down three ice creams a day.

People don’t look at you like your crazy when meditating or doing yoga in public.

People join in your practice and are happy to share theirs with you.

You find yourself more flexible than ever, both physically and adapting to situations.

You might be in India if you're practicing yoga in an amazing place.

You might be in India if you’re practicing yoga in an amazing place.

A dance party can spontaneously erupt in the street at any moment.

You can buy 20 liters of water for $1.15.

You can ride a train 1,500km for less than $5.

There’s no cover charge for live music from around the world and a beer costs $1.

You share your train ‘seat’ with 3 other guys and no longer associate with the phrase ‘personal space’.

You wake up in the middle of the night sweating bullets where the power has shut off.

You are amazed by the amount of trash lining the city streets.

You are amazed by the serene natural beauty in the countryside.

Everything is more colorful, from clothes to houses to you hair after Holi.

You’ve met the most amazing people who have grown to love India as much as you.

You’ve found happiness in simplicity and leave feeling like a better person.

You’ve had the most incredible experience and can’t wait to do it all over again.