Blame It On The Boogie

“To the left… to the right.  Shake it up, shake it up it’s alright!”  The lyrics poured out of Colin’s mouth as the bar shimmied in synchronicity.  When Colin takes the stage, good vibes reverberate out of the speakers.  Art Resort is the place to be on Saturday nights for live music, from Stevie Wonder throwbacks to renditions of Daft Punk.  I’ve had the privilege to join Colin, Dan on guitar, Tom on bass, and a gambit of singers, harmonica players, violinists, and percussionists in grooving up the beach the past few months.

“Blame it on the sunshine.  Blame it on the moonlight.  Blame it on the good times.  Blame it on the boogie.”  Live music is infectious.  Seeing people lose themselves into music, you can’t help but want to join the phenomenon.  This courses’ yoga entourage is awesome at letting it all out on the dance floor.  I love seeing their carefree, singing faces from the vantage point of the drum set.  Musicians typically feed off the energy of the crowd, and last Saturday had a special energy to it.  Inhibitions were thrown into the ocean, both by the crowd and the performers.

I love playing with Colin.  Check out some songs of his at

I love playing with Colin. Check out some songs of his at

Sue, a British ex pat in her 60’s is the perfect example of this.  As she takes the stage, she brings a raw feminine presence that says, ‘if you don’t like it, tough’.  But how could you not like it as she belts out blues music, adlibbing hysterical (if not historically accurate) anecdotes about making love to Jimi Hendrix, during the bridge.  (“Jimi, your just too much man for one woman.  You’ve got to go out and make your fortune and fame!  I taught him how to roll a joint, and how to roll out of that joint and become a star.”)  After everyone takes their turn at a solo, the music builds and then breaks out into the tune from ‘Wild Thing’.  I dare you to try to not be entertained when that woman owns the stage.

“I’ll never dance with another, WOOOO!, when I saw her standing there”.  It sounds so much better when a hundred people shout Woooo! together.  Each week the bar has been getting more crowded, filling up all the seats on the beach and turning the spaces between into a dance floor.  It is the perfect way to start off your night before heading to Neptune Point for the Silent Noise party.  Music really is a universal language with people from all parts of the world joining in the performing and dancing.  And if you ask me, it is by far the most beautiful language as well.