Suitin’ Up in Bangkok

Bangkok is one hell of a city.  Riding on the sky train you can get a sense of just how big the city is, passing by skyscraper after skyscraper, knowing that the streets in between are bustling with traffic and street vendors.  It is both seedy and luxurious.  On one end of the park kids fly kites with sweeping tails swirling in helixes while on the other side prostitutes try to lure tourists to hotel rooms.  We experienced both the seedy and luxurious parts.

Kites flying over the park outside of the royal palace grounds.

Kites flying over the park outside of the royal palace grounds.

There’s no more seedy part of Bangkok than the Patpong area where the Red Light District resides.  Here strip clubs, go go bars, and ping pong shows are prevalent.  Since this is all part of the Thai experience, I took Piggy to one of the shows.  No further explanation necessary.

One of the many symbols of luxury in Bangkok is the shopping complexes in Siam.  In Siam Paragon, one of many enormous malls within walking distance of one another, there is an aquarium, a 4D movie theater, and the typical plethora of shops and eateries.  Here we caught a showing of the movie Zero Dark Thirty and grabbed some excellent gelato.

Contrary to shopping in Siam or Silom is the Chatuchak market.  As the world’s largest weekend market, around 200,000 people visit the market on a given Saturday or Sunday.  All types of goods are available here from artwork to animals in cages to shirts of Chewbacca wearing a lei, holding a surfboard.  (Inside the market it’s so hot that you may feel like a wookie on the beach.)  After much haggling, we left the market and headed to Sukhumvit to pick up new suits.

When Piggy and I were in Bangkok earlier, we got fitted for new suits.  I went with medium gray and solid black three piece suits with some sweet custom blue interior lining on the vest and suit jackets.  Piggy went with a sleek black on black stripe three piece with a red paisley lining and a standard black tuxedo.  Putting them on feels amazing and made me almost want to get a corporate job just so I could wear them.  Almost.  They’ll work just as well at cocktail parties.


Gangsta squad with Snoop Dogg as our accountant, ironing money to keep them bills fresh.

After wearing the suits we felt pretty classy and decided to check out the Sky Bar.  The Sky Bar reached fame in the movie The Hangover: Part II in one of the final scenes where Mr. Chao gets arrested at the hotel bar.  Located on the 64th floor of the State Tower building, it is the world’s largest all open-air restaurant.

Bangkok from the Sky Bar.  Sadly no Mr. Chao in  sight.

Bangkok from the Sky Bar. Sadly no Mr. Chao in sight.

The view from the bar is amazing, overlooking the city at night skyscrapers are reduced to a series of lights that extend out as far as the eye can see.  Glowing riverboats float down the river and a large, illuminated Ferris wheel rotates in the distance.  Ordering some cocktails, mine a distal with infused fruit vodkas, black pepper, and some other ingredients, the staff brought out complimentary nuts and some type of sweet olives.  After taking in the view and finishing our drinks (only one each as they start at around $20 a pop) we picked up some souvenirs as Piggy had to fly out that morning and Kate and I were leaving for Cambodia.