A Tribute to Gabe’s Mom

On our second to last night in Kathmandu we received some heartbreaking news.  Gabe’s mom had passed away from a sudden heart attack.  Gabe booked the first available flight home and departed after an emotional goodbye in the airport to be with his family.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up seeing the deep loss that my best friend, his family, and all those who had the pleasure of knowing such a fine lady had just endured.  I will greatly miss my partner in crime and I wish Gabe and his family much love and support.  Gabe asked that I share the poem below that he has written in memory of his mother.

As I sit here to meditate
thoughts come to pass
like dark storms clouds
coming to kick my ass

As I am pounded by the heavy rain
and scared by the clapping thunder
I turn inwards for shelter

The struggle for Life is here
The time for Life is now

So I take this breathe like it’s my first
because this moment could be my last

In loving memory of My Mother