Amazing Annapurna

Oh what a feeling!  The fluttering of my heart, the stirring of my soul, can only mean on thing: I am in love.  The type of love at first sight where you lose your breath, feel your pupils dilate, and cease to think about anything else.  The type of love that you shout from the mountain tops for all to hear, and to hear your proclamation echoed back.  The type of love that puts a smile on your face and a song on your lips.  The type of love that you cross rivers for, descend to the depths of valleys for, and walk along the edge of cliffs for.  The type of love that nourishes your mind, body, and soul, bestowing its powerful energy when you feel you can’t go on.

No ordinary girl can bring about this extraordinary feeling.  And my girl is certainly anything but ordinary.  Her beauty!  Her beauty is unparalleled on Earth, for it is like heaven itself.  Her pure bright blue eyes, the very embodiment of the phrase crystal clear, reveal the depth of her knowledge.  The intensity of her penetrating gazes drives a man to look deep within his own soul, caught in a state of rapture by those cascading pools of consciousness.  When she closes her eyes the whole world is plunged into darkness, only to be illuminated once more by the visible twinkle of her dreaming mind dancing off her other impeccable features.

She sings a constant song, both articulate and melodious.  The opus sounds like the soprano of birds, the baritone of wild animals calling for their lovers, and the steady rhythm of her beating heart, pumping rich blood through her veins to sustain life itself.  The song crescendos into a fever pitch, vibrating the core of the earth itself enough to cause avalanches.  Each stanza is different from the last, as if some spontaneous divine intervention is expressed through her vocal chords.

And her smile.  Oh what a beautiful smile!  Her smile is the sun’s embrace, beckoning you to bask in its warm glow.  When she is ill tempered (which is rare) her frown steals all warmth from the earth, only to be replenished tenfold when her mood inevitably shifts back to reveal that majestic smile.

Her bosom rises up in perfect swells of femininity that a man cannot help but stare at.  My gaze is in constant turmoil.  Her eyes and her breasts make me wish I was cross-eyed so as to give them both my constant attention.

While her beauty is the very essence of life itself, like all things she is not completely unblemished.  Minor wrinkles crease her skin and I must confess that she is much older than me (by a few million years).  But what is age but a number?  Rather it is indicative of her wisdom and a testament to her beauty’s ability to transcend time.

Who is this near perfect being, the object of my infatuation?  Her name is Annapurna.  And this is the story of our love affair.  (To be continued).