Goa is Crazy

“Goa is like a freezer, because everyone just chills.”  These words painted on the side of a restaurant sum up Goa.  In Goa, you don’t have to look for the party; the party will inevitably find you.  Drug dealers on the beach aren’t shy to approach you and let you know that they can get you anything you want for the right price (which with 12 grams of hash offered at $30 the price can’t be wrong).  Thumping bass extends into the early hours of the morning as a call to arms for those looking to bust loose.

We stayed at the Asterix hostel in Vagator Beach after hearing stories about how many people book a room with the intention of staying a few nights, only to become residents for the next couple months (a German named Brian in our room fell into this category).  Everyone at the hostel was ready to party, as could be seen by multiple people displaying drunken scooter injuries from previous escapades.

We decided to stay local and check out Vagator beach, hoping for some sweet waves to ride.  On our way there a number of Indians approached us and asked to take pictures with us.  Indians do not have the luxury of traveling and love to take pictures with foreigners.  Being two 6’3” white dudes, we stick out pretty easily and have been solicited for pictures on multiple occasions.  Most Indians cannot swim well either as swimming pools are almost nonexistent.  When Gabe caught his first wave and rode it, we noticed a large group of onlookers gathered at the top of an adjacent hill staring in awe.

After spending all day at the beach we decided to get our first taste of Goan nightlife.  It just so happened that a full moon party was going on in Anjuna Beach so we gathered up everyone from the hostel, loaded into five taxis, and let it rip.  Working up a sweat on the dance floor to the dj’s spinning house music is no issue as you can walk straight onto the beach from the bar and take a drunk dip in the ocean.  We ended the night at the bar down the street from the hostel, drinking outside until well past 4 in the morning sharing stories with our new mates.

Our second, and last, day in North Goa we rented some sweet scooters for 200 rupees each (about $4).  Balling out on the scooters, weaving in and out of traffic and swerving around cows and stray dogs, we made our way down to Baga and Calangute beaches.

Calangute beach is filled with all types of fishing and parasailing boats.

We climbed some sweet rocks and met the coolest dog ever, a limber yellow haired girl who followed us around the rest of the day, even following us out into the ocean for a while before a wave took her under.  She then went back to the beach and sat down in front of our belongings, guarding them for us.  After a while we were itching to get back on the scooters so we cruised around for a while to nowhere in particular, just us and the road.

Ladies only? I think this is where we should post up.

Hearing that no trip to North Goa is complete without a venture to Club Cubana, we fired up the scooters at night and set off.  At the base of the hill into which the club is built, we load into a jeep that takes us to the entrance.  The club has an awesome ambience being mainly outside with a two story indoor dance area.  For 600 rupees we got into the club and all you can drink service (Wednesdays are ladies nights where girls get entry and can drink all they want for free).  The club was a lot of fun and we found ourselves lamenting the fact that we had to depart for South Goa the next morning and miss out on the Halloween party the next day, which coincidentally fell on ladies night.