Gearing Up

If anyone’s interested in doing a similar trip and wants an idea of what gear to pack, here’s a quick rundown of what I’m taking.

  • REI Crestrail 70 internal frame pack (size Large boosts the volume to 75L)
  • Mayan Style Nylon Hammock
  • Sawyer Squeeze water filtration system (with inline adapter to use directly with reservoir)
  • Platypus 1.8L Big Zip  water bladder reservoir
  • Thermarest compressible travel pillow
  • Cotton travel sheets
  • Sleeping mat
  • Gregory backpack raincover
  • Quickdry microfiber travel towel
  • Kindle Fire
  • iPod with Sony producer style headphones (to block out bus and train noise)
  • Unlocked iPhone 3gs (to work on the GMS networks throughout Asia)
  • Camera
  • Clothes (packed very lightly including winter jacket, convertible hiking pants)
  • Vasque Breeze GTX hiking boots
  • Accessories (toiletries, playing cards, water bottles)

Anything else that we need we should be able to pick up pretty easily once in Asia.  Most travelers recommend packing as lightly as possible to save strain on your back and save room to store whatever items you pick up on the way.